Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Most Polluted Places

Ever wonder what the most polluted places on Earth are? Here is a list of the top ten. Chernobyl is only No. 5 as Dzerzhinsk, Russia tops the list:

Dzerzhinsk, RUSSIA
Affected Population: 300,000.
Pollutants: Chemicals and by-products of manufacturing of Sarin, VX gas, lewisite, yperite (mustard gas), prussic acid, phosgene, dioxins, lead.

“The World’s Most Chemically Polluted Town,” according to the Guinness Book of World Records, Dzerzhinsk was one of the principal manufacturing sites of the former Soviet Union’s chemical weapons program. Negligent disposal of almost 300,000 tons of chemical waste between 1930 and 1998 has resulted in highly toxic groundwater containing levels of industrial chemicals reportedly 17 million times the safe limit. Though many of the city’s industries are now out of operation, as much as a quarter of Dzerzhinsk’s population still work in factories that produce toxic chemicals.


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