Thursday, November 16, 2006

Solar Recharged Audio, by Ben Champion

You may or may not be at all interested, but I thought I'd share some exciting news.

After five years of searching, I've finally found a true high fidelity audio solution that can be fully powered with solar power - from source to sound. It would match my high efficiency speakers perfectly.

These products have gotten absolutely astounding reviews in terms of audio quality, they run on rechargeable batteries, and someone recently brought up the option of solar-powered recharging on the above audio discussion forum - to which "Vinnie", the owner and builder of Red Wine Audio products was definitely receptive, as you can see for yourself.

Now I just have to wait a little while for them to start becoming available on the second-hand market at sub-kilobuck prices.

By the way, if you read the forum at all, "EDS" is smart to bring up the issue he does, but he's completely ill-informed about the topic. Typical of economists, he assumes there's a hidden "inefficiency" somewhere with solar power, and his unique powers of economistic discernment allow him to notice the emperor is wearing no clothes, even though he didn't even bother to open his eyes to check. Solar power has a healthy energy profit ratio - the amount of energy produced relative to the amount required to produce the energy. Richard Nelson at K-State has current figures, but the numbers back in 2002 when I was studying this intently were that solar gave a 10:1 energy profit over the life of the solar cells, biodiesel gave 3:1, ethanol was about 1.2:1, and industrial scale wind turbines were 80:1. When the first barrel of oil was drilled in 1859, the ratio was 100:1; now it's somewhere around 20:1, I think. As we use up the easy-to-find oil, this ratio will continue to decline for oil.

~Ben Champion


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