Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Different Approach to Wind Power

    'Micro' wind turbines are coming to town | CNET News.com Annotated

    'Micro' wind turbines are coming to town

    Rather than build farms of towering wind turbines in rural areas, some companies are designing "micro," or small-scale, turbines that fit on top of buildings. The idea is to generate electricity from wind in urban or suburban settings.


Jeff Neel said...

i really like this concept of wind energy (microturbines) much better than corporate wind farms...kind of the concept of local, grassroots energy usage...or the democratization of energy... i also like the idea of community wind energy...where the wind energy generated is "owned" by the community and excess $$ beyond infrastructure, operation and maintenance are input back into the local economy and education system... and not funneled to corporate entities in other places, with other priorities...

Kevin said...

I agree, very intriguing and exciting stuff. Unfortunately, I doubt we will see anything like this in the near future... unless you have a bunch of money laying around.

Fro-bie-free :) (Jeff N.) said...

yea, i know. it seems to take big bucks to get local scale technology implemented. but i think we have to continue to dream...and hopefully demand and supply will follow.

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