Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wal-Mart: In case you don´t already know - Part II

    Bill McKibben: Wal-Mart - What's A Bargain Worth? - Vermont Commons Annotated

    Bill McKibben: Wal-Mart - What's A Bargain Worth?

    There is no question that it will save us some money at the cash register. How much? The only estimate I’ve seen comes from a UVM economist and Wal-Mart enthusiast named Art Woolf who calculated that it might be as much as $36 million annually. I think that’s a gross overestimate, but let’s take it as gospel truth. That works out to $58.14 apiece.

    So the question becomes: is it worth it? What are the costs of going ahead and trying to grab that $58.14?

    I’m going to describe what I see as the costs across several different categories. Some will seem far away, others are much more obviously close to home. All reflect Wal-Mart’s enormous efficiency and scale—a scale that so dwarfs the small size of our state that it becomes a central, overwhelming fact. Any of the Big Box stores are out of scale with Vermont; a K-Mart or Costco would be no better. But it’s Wal-Mart that has announced its plans, so it can serve as a useful reference point.

    Let’s begin by talking about jobs.

    • This is an article about Wal-Mart in Vermont. It goes into detail about how the "low prices" are actually costing you more that you may think...

      - post by kjc6688


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