Monday, March 05, 2007


Taylor and more!  Annotated

"What the Quorum represents, even by its very name, The Quorum, is a coming together that would be a place for everybody. Not the elimination of difference. Not this painting over of the fact that we have differences: we see things differently, we have different cultural traditions, we have different celebrations, we have different ways of existing. But, the Quorum represented as a place to be, an acceptance of that difference. And a notion that though we have boundaries that are cultural and traditional, that those boundaries could be permeable, that we could move back and forth, in and out of each others worlds, based on a notion of mutual respect. Based on the notion that here was a place that everyone was allowed to be. You could be here, you could share your story, you could share your music, you could share your experiences, you could share your secrets, as long as the common notion of respect, that we could all be in the same space and not hurt each other, existed.

And what came in from the outside when the Quorum was attacked, I guess is the word I can use, what came in from the outside was this notion that "No", we cannot exist together, we won´t do that. The only way that we can exist is if we separate ourselves. And I think that human beings can have that tendency of fear and separation and isolation and that sort of militaristic "I need to protect myself, I need to build my weapons, I need to make sure I can kill who would hurt me." That´s one model for living; and it´s a terrible model, you always have to look over your shoulder, you always have to worry about who doesn´t understand you and who wants to get you.

And the other model is "No," we have to look across those lines. Not in an effort to say, we have all to be the same, we all have to accept these universal cultural values, no, because diversity is survival. But we have to be able to look across those lines in an effort to say, "I respect your right to exist in the same comfort and safety that I exist." And if humanity embraces that model, a hundred years from now, we´ll have Quorums everywhere. If humanity embraces the other model, a hundred years from now we may not be here. Because with a world packed with dangerous weapons, isolationism, the lack of understanding, the notion of "I´ve got to kill you before you get me," or "I can´t let your children talk to my children." We will not survive that.

So, the Quorum is the only model for surviving, and it´s a wonderful model."

-- The Quorum - Virginia Kennedy


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