Thursday, April 26, 2007


Right along the lines of Ben´s comment here, this is Neil Postman (one of my absolute heroes, see here the book I have often referred to as the Bible), talking about technology and its implications. My response to Ben was an attempt to show how I was trying to solve a problem with the introduction of this new medium. One thing I may not have properly analyzed is the problems this introduction would produce. Another thing that Postman touches on that I am readily aware of and concerned about is the information overload. I know the internet does that, and I have always been concerned that the coblog would do that. My answer to this problem has always been a better structure, more organization, and more efficiency. This is precisely what web 2.0 offers. However, is that enough? Are we wholly missing the point?


jeff s said...

technology as a "Faustian bargain"
that is perfect