Thursday, May 03, 2007

Buyer´s Guide

The Buyer´s Guide has been a long stagnant project. At one point there were a handful of people ready to create it, but nothing ever came to fruition. Since then, I have been sort of housing it and thinking about it and wondering if it would ever happen.
For anyone without the background knowledge of this project, check out the website I created but never completed to help us organize:

I still do not know what to think about the whole project. I know that it definitely needs to be done. I know that it has lots of support in the way of plenty of people who would like to see it done and who may even be willing to help. However, the roadblock remains that we still do not know how to go about doing it. My biggest dilemma is that I want it to be dynamic, meaning that it will be user-driven, created, and edited. I think the best place for this type of thing is online in some sort of wiki-blog hybrid. Without the technical knowledge to create something on my own, I must resort to figuring everything out as I go along.

This being said, it is also very important, perhaps more important to have a paper copy. Megan brought back with her, from Greenfest in Chicago, a book that is a shopping guide for the worldly citizen. We all agreed that it provides an excellent model for the paper copy. This is a picture of the website, which is more a promotional device rather than the tool I imagine.

What do you think of this project? Do you have any ideas about how to do it? Do you want to help me with it?

I have a lot of knowledge for the guide, but I would really like to concentrate on trying to come up with a dynamic home for it online. Therefore, I would really like it if someone took charge of the paper version creation. This would allow me to focus on one task, rather than trying to swallow the whole project at once, which I suppose is what I have done up until now.

Most importantly though, I am looking for discussion and feedback...


Megan said...

I would really like to help and get this project restarted. I think this is what Manhattan residents really need in order to understand the best places to shop are and why they are considered that. I could try to take on the paper version but I would need to do a lot of research on how to go about that and where it would be published... maybe claflin bookstore would be able to do it. But really we just need a few dedicated people to go start talking to businesses and we need to come up with a questionnaire for businesses that will help asses what we want to know about the business, then we need to be able to take that and put it into grade form which would be complicated but possible.

Sir Knabe said...

I don't know much about how to start this type of thing, but would be willing to help out once it has been determined what to do!

jeff :) said...

i would like to help out in some way too... i think it is a great idea and would be a great resource to the community... as a book... and as a website...

Hannah said...

tell me what to do when it needs to be done. i also think the businesses would be VERRY excited to help out and be a part of the whole thing. it's basically free advertising....they wont be paying for this publicity or anything will they?

maybe, on the website we can add coupons to it weekly/monthly, if the businesses are willing.....I guess my main question is how involved will they be in this?

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