Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Walk Score

Check out this site I ran across that calculates the walkability of where you live. It was designed for real-estate purposes to help people find a good place to live, but I think it works well for the enviro crowd too. It is a complete google maps mash-up, using multiple sets of semantic data and an algorithm to calculate how easy it is to get places from any location. My house scored an 88, what does yours score?

Perhaps this would be a good tool to demonstrate to people how silly it is to drive most places in Manhattan, or at least that you don´t need to drive to campus if you live close.


Hannah said...

My house scored a lousy 48. By their standars, I live in a "Not Walkable" neighborhood (missed "Some Walkable Locations by 2 points). :( as a college student-its perfect, but I can see where families may have a little bit of trouble-although walking through campus to Aggieville makes for a nice, scenic walk.