Sunday, October 21, 2007

Copy Co. in Manhattan

I would like to direct you to the following message that was sent to SEA via multiple mediums. If you would like to pick up the discussion, please click on the "Message Board" tab above which will take you to the SEA Message Board (Google Group). This is a great example of what can happen with the host of tools incorporated in the Coblog. Brittany found us on her own...

"Hello to anyone who cares to read this::

I work at copy co, and when I started we were recycling, or at least
we had recycling boxes full of paper.

When my old manager left, and the owner came in, he pilled up about 10
boxes of paper that we had been saving to recycle and promptly threw
it in the dumpster. I was quit upset when I found out!!

No one really cares to help me recycle it seems, and I was hoping that
there was someone out there who would like to share my view with me to
this Aggieville business (Copy Co).

As a company that goes through hundreds of messed up sheets of paper a
day, I believe this copy company has an obligation to recycle.

It really makes me sad, if anyone would like to help me. Please e-mail


Brittany Smith "