Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Organic Beer

Last week I was at the liquor store and I happened upon an interesting discovery. New Belgium is temporarily distributing an organic beer here in Manhattan. It is called "Mothership Wit" and I do say it is quite delicious.

"A delicious and certified organic balance of citrus and sour flavors"

If you´re a beer drinker, go pick up a six pack to taste the organic goodness and support one of the most enviro friendly companies around, and a somewhat local option for alcohol. I found it at Library Liquor in Aggieville; I am not sure if it is elsewhere in town.


genjamon said...

but how does it taste? definitely worth checking out!

EricaRenee said...

I bought a 6 pack of that a few weeks ago. It is pretty tasty. I bought mine at the liquor store in Westloop. (I don't remember what it is called.) They had all the New Belgiums there, I think.

Ben said...

Yep, had it last night with Kevin and I have to agree it's quite tasty. It's a heavier kind of wheat beer, similar in weight to Belgian-style wheat beers and lighter ales, but without all the yeasty-ness. Definitely a distinctive and American take on a high quality wheat beer. Now if we could just find a place who has it on tap so we can avoid all those wasted glass bottles :)

Hannah said...

ericaranee, i think you are talking about Nespors.
I went by The Library last Friday and they were fresh out. Hopefully that means it did well and will become a regular???