Monday, November 05, 2007


"The ecological crisis--or Gaia´s main problem--is not pollution, toxic dumping, ozone depletion, or any such. Gaia´s main problem is that not enough human beings have developed to the postconventional, worldcentric, global levels of consciousness, wherein they will automatically be moved to care for the global commons. And human beings develop to those postconventional levels, not by learning systems theories, but by going through at least a half-dozen major interior transformations, ranging from egocentric to ethnocentric to worldcentric, at which point, and not before, they can awaken to a deep and authentic concern for Gaia. The primary cure for the ecological crisis is not learning that Gaia is a Web of Life, however true that may be, but learning ways to foster these many arduous waves of interior growth, none of which are addressed by most of the new-paradigm approaches."

-- Ken Wilber - Integral Psychology (pgs. 137-138)

I came across this in my reading today and found it to strike a real chord. I have posted similar passages before, but I felt like this concisely does the job in one short paragraph.

What do you think?