Sunday, November 11, 2007

Top 10s

Like top 10 lists? Here are a couple of interesting ones I found this week.

Top 10 Most Bicycle Friendly Cities

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1. Amsterdam
2. Portland, Oregon
3. Copenhagen
4. Boulder, Colorado
5. Davis, California
6. Sandnes, Norway
7. Tronheim, Norway
8. San Francisco, California
9. Berlin
10. Barcelona
11. Basel, Switzerland

Source: TreeHugger

Top 10 Farmer´s Markets in the U.S.

  1. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, San Francisco
  2. Union Square Greenmarket, New York City
  3. Santa Fe Farmers Market, New Mexico
  4. Boulder Farmers Market, Colorado
  5. Berkeley Farmers Market, California
  6. Dane County Farmers Market, Madison, Wisconsin
  7. Portland Farmers Market, Oregon
  8. Seattle University "U-District" Market
  9. Austin Farmers Market, Texas
  10. Kapiolani Community College Farmers Market, Honolulu
Source: Green Light