Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Chegg it

Everyone knows how expensive their college textbooks were at the start of the term. Here we are, it’s the end of the term and the bookstore wants to give you pennies on the dollar for your books. I say forget the bookstore! You can make some real dough by going to They’ll pay you top dollar for your books, like $40 each – and no lines because it’s online. What could you do with double the money the bookstore would give you? Chegg even pays the shipping and plants a tree for every book you sell.

How about the fact I have a promo code CC106937 that gets you an extra $5 with your order?

GET lots of cash + GET more cash + they plant trees = A green way to sell your books

Go to, you can get your used textbooks sold now. After all, you read your books cover to cover, or at least that’s what your professor believes, so you should be smart enough to know where to sell them for the extra buck, smarty pants.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wind Energy!

check it out:



Saturday, September 19, 2009

Energy Committee

Ideas for reducing energy consumption and increasing awareness on campus:

-Get involved with IT to examine the viability of automatic computer shutdowns for campus computers after an extended idle period.

-Get involved with administration(/student gov?) to look at funding for installing lighting occupancy sensors.

-Place stickers on light switches to remind to turnoff after exiting a room.

-Create and place signs to encourage the use of stairs over elevators.

-Devise an experiment to examine the viability of waiting for a parking spot to open versus walking to campus through polling, car counting, or devising an experiment. Get connected with campus media to distribute results.

-Look into possible metering of campus electric utilities to model building energy use.