Friday, May 04, 2007

Go Green Curbside Recycling in Manhattan

Message from David Carter with K-State's Pollution Prevention Institute: Go Green Curbside Recycling is a new business in Manhattan. There are a couple of pick up options you can choose (see full post). Anyway, this new business makes it more convenient for Manhattan residents to recycle.

Contact Mandy Scholz, or 785-410-8010, for additional information or to register for the service.

Go Green Curbside Recycling

A simple, convenient way to recycle!

We can pick up your recyclables on a weekly basis or 2 x month.

Materials Accepted: newspapers, magazines, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, tin

How It Works: After you sign up, we will contact you to verify your start date. We will then deliver a recycling container and information about sorting the recyclables along with details about getting started.

Fees: 2 x month = $10/month (available for households with minimal recyclables)

Weekly = $15/month (additional fee for more than 2 containers)

*There is a $5 deposit for 18-gallon container

To sign up, Mail or Email the following information:

Your Name


Contact Phone Number

Pick Up Option (2 x month or weekly)

Go Green Curbside Recycling

1228 Westloop Pl #215

Manhattan KS 66502




Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gardening: I'll be gone for a while...


I will be gone starting tomorrow through next friday, then gone again saturday to monday/tuesday. I need help watering and planting while I'm away! It looks like it will be raining for a while, but probably about next thursday it will stop. So, I've already talked to Champion, and he is willing to be "in charge" while I'm gone. It shouldn't take but ~30 minutes to water the garden.

Also, I have bought two eggplants, 1 mint plant, a series of pepper plants, and two big bags of potatoes (red and irish cobbler). I've already talked most of this over with Kevin; the potatoes (one kind) get planted in the back, and the rest get planted somewhere outside the garden (next to the tree). Also, if people are motivated, the peppers, eggplants, and mint can be put in the ground. But please keep in mind that if they aren't planted, they need to be watered inside.

My roommate Jeff should be around, and as always, there's the key in the locker out back.....

thanks everybody,

~Sir Knabe



Buyer´s Guide

The Buyer´s Guide has been a long stagnant project. At one point there were a handful of people ready to create it, but nothing ever came to fruition. Since then, I have been sort of housing it and thinking about it and wondering if it would ever happen.
For anyone without the background knowledge of this project, check out the website I created but never completed to help us organize:

I still do not know what to think about the whole project. I know that it definitely needs to be done. I know that it has lots of support in the way of plenty of people who would like to see it done and who may even be willing to help. However, the roadblock remains that we still do not know how to go about doing it. My biggest dilemma is that I want it to be dynamic, meaning that it will be user-driven, created, and edited. I think the best place for this type of thing is online in some sort of wiki-blog hybrid. Without the technical knowledge to create something on my own, I must resort to figuring everything out as I go along.

This being said, it is also very important, perhaps more important to have a paper copy. Megan brought back with her, from Greenfest in Chicago, a book that is a shopping guide for the worldly citizen. We all agreed that it provides an excellent model for the paper copy. This is a picture of the website, which is more a promotional device rather than the tool I imagine.

What do you think of this project? Do you have any ideas about how to do it? Do you want to help me with it?

I have a lot of knowledge for the guide, but I would really like to concentrate on trying to come up with a dynamic home for it online. Therefore, I would really like it if someone took charge of the paper version creation. This would allow me to focus on one task, rather than trying to swallow the whole project at once, which I suppose is what I have done up until now.

Most importantly though, I am looking for discussion and feedback...



Monday, April 30, 2007

Green Festival ThanksYou and Fun Results

I just wanted to post the "thank you" that I believe 11 or 12 of us recieved! It was an awesome experience and I encourage everyone to check one out as soon as possible.

Thank you Chicago Green Festival Volunteers!
Without your support, enthusiasm and help the first Chicago Green Festivals would not have been possible! The entire Green Festival staff appreciates your flexibility, ingenuity and willingness to make Green Festival a huge success!
Here are some important numbers from this past weekend:
Green Team: 85% waste diversion
Congratulations Green Team, your hard work paid off! Thank you for helping us achieve high standards in our first year in Chicago! A special thanks to the volunteers who stayed late into the night/early morning on Sunday to finish up the greening process!
Attendees: 31,133
WOW! Thank you for assisting our attendees all weekend, and answering questions with a smile! We have had great feedback from our attendees about all of our volunteers.
Volunteers: 800
Thank you for showing up and working so hard all weekend long! Your commitment to Green Festivals makes it all possible.

On behalf of the entire Green Festival staff-THANK YOU!
We hope to work with you again in 2008!
-Seven Star Volunteer

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Green is SEXY!

A friend of mine and an environmental/progressive group at University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse put together a calendar of taseful nude photos of "greens" doing environmental friendly things like recycling, gardening, biking, etc. It was called the "Green is Sexy" calendar and even included some faculty from the university. The calendar was sold around the city and sponsored by local area businesses including advertisements. Check it out

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