Monday, October 06, 2008

The Giant Pool of Money

As one who knew (or cared) little about how investment markets work and how they are related to everything else (including the environment), I have found the latest happenings in our economy pretty interesting. With all the news reports that are out on the subject I've found its also an excellent time to learn...

Here's an episode of This American Life that explains the housing crisis, how it started, how it is linked to Wall Street, and its implications on the economy. As in any episode of This American Life, "The Giant Pool of Money" also provides interesting perspectives of people, in this case of ones who were directly involved in buildup of the housing crisis. Check it out.



Saving the World for a Latte

Here's an interesting article about a recycling program where customers actually get paid based on amount they recycle.

Do you think RecycleBank (or using economic incentives in general) is a good way to entice people to recycle?

Do you feel the article accurately portrayed the Midwest?