Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit

Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit:Forging Solutions at Colleges and UniversitiesFebruary 22-23, 2007University of Colorado at BoulderOnline registration has begun! To register, visit

The 2007 Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit will provide a networkingforumfor representatives from campuses in the Rocky Mountain Region to learnabouta variety of environmental issues facing institutions, explore ways ofimproving campus practices and policies, and ultimately work toward boostingthe triple bottom line of environmental, social and economic sustainability.The summit will include:--Sessions and workshops covering: institutionalizing sustainability; bestpractices for operationalizing sustainability; creating a culture ofsustainability; current and cutting edge issues; collaborative peer groupnetworking; regional sustainability strategies--Featured speakers: David Orr, Hunter Lovins, Salt Lake City Mayor RockyAnderson, Senator Ken Salazar (invited), Senator Gary Hart, Governor-ElectBill Ritter (presumptive), and others to be announced soon--Plenary panels on "Elevating Sustainability in the Mountain States Region"and "Campus Leadership for Climate Action"--Pre-Summit workshop on February 21st: "Fostering Sustainable Behavior"withCommunity Based Social Marketing expert Doug McKenzie-Mohr--Screening of "Rules of the Game" and discussion with Solitaire Townsend ofFuterra--Green Products Expo with the latest sustainable products and services forinstitutional applicationsRequest for Campus Liaisons - Can you help spread the word about this eventtostudents, faculty and staff on your Rocky Mountain campus? Please to learn more about being a campus liaison.Summit Sponsorship - Campuses, agencies, and corporations can support thisevent! For more information, visit: Products Expo - Does your company offer a green product or servicethatyou would like to display at our Green Products Expo? We are now acceptingexhibitors! For more information, visit: more info: deadline is February 12, 2007.



Solar cell breakthrough claimed

"With funding from the Department of Energy, Boeing-Spectrolab has managed to create a solar cell with 40.7% sunlight-to-energy conversion efficiency"

The solar cell represents "the highest efficiency level any photovoltaic device has ever achieved," according to David Lillington, president of Spectrolab. That claim has been verified by the DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo.

Most of today's solar cells are between 12% and 18% efficient. Some of the ones used to power satellites are around 28% efficient. In 1954, 4% efficiency was state of the art.

In October, Google said it planned to install 9,200 solar photovoltaic panels at its Mountain View headquarters in 2007. Google's solar panels, made by Sharp, are 12.8% efficient. It expects to generate 30% of its peak energy usage during the summer from solar power.

Source: EETimes



Toyota factory turns landscape to arid wilderness

"The 'green-living' Toyota Prius has become the ultimate statement for those seeking to stress their commitment to the environment. However, the environment-saving credentials of the cars are seriously undermined by the disclosure that one of the car's essential components is produced at a factory that has created devastation likened to the arid environment of the moon."

"Toyota gets the metal from a Canadian company whose smelting facility at Sudbury has spewed sulphur dioxide into the air for more than a century.

The car giant buys about 1,000 tons a year from the plant, which is owned by Inco, one of the world's largest nickel-mining companies.

Fumes emerging from the factory are so poisonous that they have destroyed vegetation in the surrounding countryside, turning the once-beautiful landscape into the bare, rocky terrain astronauts might expect to find in outer space.

Once the nickel is smelted it is sent 10,000 miles on a container ship journey which in itself consumes vast quantities of fuel and energy.

First it is shipped to Europe's biggest nickel refinery at Clydach near Swansea, South Wales. From there it is transported to the Chinese cities of Dalian and Shenyang to be turned into a lightweight substance called nickel foam.

The final stage of the manufacturing process takes place in Japan where the Prius batteries are made."

Source: The Mail On Sunday



Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wakarusa 2007

Dates and merchandise.

2007 Festival Dates and 30% off Merchandise
We're pleased to announce that Wakarusa 2007 will be taking place on June 7-10. Stay tuned to for initial artist announcements and on-sale information. The Wakarusa online store is offering a 30% discount through the end of December simply by entering the following coupon code during the checkout process: SQLVQ1037 Note: This coupon code expires December 31st.
Waka Winter Classic
The Wakarusa Music Festival will be traveling to 19 cities this winter in a quest to locate the best and brightest musicians the country has to offer. At every stop on the tour, several bands will compete in a regional talent showcase. The winner of each talent showcase will receive an invitation to play at Wakarusa 2007. But it doesn’t end there. The winners in each city will also have their music featured on our website and will compete in an online talent showcase. The three bands that receive the most votes in our online competition will get to play the Revival stage at the festival along with a host of other surprises. Want to take part in one of our talent showcases? Just head on over to for all of the details.



Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Forest Ethics: Victoria Secrets

Victoria Secret is finally changing their ways!

WE DID IT! The DIRTY secret got out, consumers spoke up, and Victoria's Secret realized there is nothing SEXY about forest destruction.

Today, Victoria's Secret's
parent company, Limited Brands, announced it will stop using paper from Endangered Forests like critical caribou habitat in the Albertan Foothills for its catalog. After two years of campaigning, Victoria's Secret started to and will continue to work to phase out the use of any Endangered Forests products. The company has ensured that at least 10 percent post-consumer waste paper will be used in it's main catalog.

This is a big step, not only for Victoria's Secret, but for the entire catalog industry. A strong environmental standard has been set and the entire industry will be hearing from us - forest destruction will no longer be tolerated! Today's decision is proof that consumers like you really can make a difference.

Let's give thanks! Send the CEO a nice big THANK YOU! Take Action!

When we began this campaign, two years ago, Victoria's Secret was printing 395 million catalogs every year on paper that contained NO recycled content. We made it clear that we were not going to stand by and watch one of our planet's most vital resources be destroyed to sell panties.

Now they've made commitments to use better paper and we couldn't have done this without YOU! Getting a multi-billion-dollar corporation to change its practices is no small feat and that's exactly what we've accomplished. We not only celebrate this victory but we also celebrate your support during the past two years to make this possible.

And while this is an important milestone, there is still work to be done. Victoria's Secret has outlined an excellent policy, but any policy has to be successfully implemented in order to be effective.

So, you'll be hearing from us in the near future. We've got lots of work to do to get the rest of the catalog industry to understand the impact their paper has on our forests. Victoria's Secret's steps today builds momentum for change within the entire sector at large.

Again, thank you! And, please take a moment to say thanks to the CEO of Limited Brands, Victoria's Secret's parent company, for going green!
Take Action!

For the Forest,
Liz Butler
Organizing Director



Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Projects for Peace: $10,000 grant opportunity

Projects for Peace: $10,000 for a project for building peace of your design
Deadline to campus officials is January 15, 2007

More information at:

*100 Projects for Peace* is an invitation to all undergraduates enrolled as
of fall 2006 at any of the 76 American colleges and universities in the
Davis United World College Scholars Program. These students are invited to
design grassroots projects that they will implement during the summer of
2007. The 100 projects judged to be the most promising and do-able will be
funded at $10,000 each. The objective is to encourage and support today's
motivated youth to create and tryout their own ideas for building peace in
the 21st century.



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