Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Birthday Party

Hello people. Just wanted to post my birthday plans on the blog. Tomorrow night, Thursday the 26th at 10ish (really whenever), it is going to be at Kevin's. There will be libations but you may want to bring your own too. Midnight, I am officially legal to enter official alcohol selling at 12 that is what is happening. Hoorayy!!!!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

DiCaprio-produced series will rebuild tornado-ravaged Kansas town

From the Daily Grist if you missed it...
It's official: Nine months after the rumors began, Leonardo DiCaprio has confirmed that he and a partner will give birth to ... a reality series on green building. DiCaprio will executive produce the 13-part Eco-Town on the Discovery Channel's Planet Green arm, launching in 2008. The original notion was to upgrade Anywhere, USA, for a show called E-topia, but the new series will focus on rebuilding a Kansas town that was hit by a tornado in May.

The tornado caused 10 deaths, displaced almost all of the town's roughly 1,500 residents, and leveled homes, a hospital, and other buildings. And we're not saying Leo and his peeps are crass, cold-hearted vultures, but how excited do you think they were when Mother Nature wiped out a town called -- wait for it -- Greensburg? "This is not about a TV show and about a cable channel that reaches 50 million homes," says Discovery Communications CEO David Zaslav. "We're the number one non-fiction media company in the world, but we also want to make a difference."

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