Friday, July 13, 2007

Deuce veggies + workday Sunday


The Deuce Gardens finally has some tomatoes! We also have a healthy share of cucumbers, and I think that the garlic and onions are probably ready to be harvested.

So, I haven't firmly said anything about money yet, but here's what I was thinking: Jeffers, Ugolini and I are the only people who have spent any money on the garden (no one else has been asked). Therefore, to make some of the money back, I was thinking about offering the veggies for a discounted price for those who have helped out with the garden (or offering them to everyone, but giving precedence to those who've helped out). I'll check on average prices in the super market, and make sure that we are comparable, if not lower.

Another option would be to make salsa and/or marinara sauce out of the tomatoes, and sell the salsa.....

Anyways, I'm open to options, so let me know what you'd like to do!

As always, we need help weeding this Sunday around 2pm, and we'll be digging and placing some posts.

~Sir Knabe



Thursday, July 12, 2007

How a singular/individual action produced plural thinking of the internal and external

Fasting – Re-Thinking The System That Is Food (TreeHugger)  Annotated

Last week I spent a whole week fasting, on a Jiva retreat in France. I should probably call it cleansing because not eating for a week is one means to the whole process of totally rejuvenating my system and re-thinking my framing of food, happiness and wellbeing. The process is very reflective, not only in the first person ie, how I consume food and drink and the patterns that rule my life, but also a good look at the system that provides me with nourishment –industrial farming – and the global commodity that is food. I cannot tell you how powerful the week was, in many ways: it was personally re-energizing and empowering, and globally relevant, challenging the systemic insanity industrial farming and globalization has led to. I am a lucky, hard working, middle class chick who can afford the luxury of a week away fasting, but I would love to see the principles of the retreat, and the fast ideally, experienced by the wider Westernized world. It should be promoted through corporate businesses, schools (perhaps not the fasting part), culture, and health services... I think it would change so much and put us well on the way to a sustainable world.

That bagged lettuce is washed in Chlorine. Let me say that again. Bagged lettuce in washed in Chlorine. That we seem more worried a small insect will infest us with germs than we are about inducing Chlorine.

That animal produce is grown on corn, hormones and antibiotics. Animals should eat grass, which is 2-3% saturated fat, instead corn-feed is a concentrated 30-50% fat.

that cows are fed hormones to induce Mothers’ milk around the clock and that these hormones are significantly altering the development of children in our overfed Western world.