Monday, October 23, 2006


One of the things that makes, so called, web 2.0 so amazing is that each user in effect becomes a webmaster. This idea is evident in this blog because any member can post and anyone who visits the site can leave comments. However, as content goes beyond just text, so too does the contributing capabilities of anyone to this coblog.

In order to create slideshows in the past, the webmaster would have to pain stakingly collect photos from all the members in SEA, put them all in one place, upload them all to the internet, and finally categorize and physically make the slideshow. This is the old model, web 1.0 if you will.

Imagine taking pictures at an SEA event, putting them online yourself, and having them automatically make slideshows on the SEA website and on the coblog, all without knowing anything about making websites, writing code, or being a webmaster. This is no dream, this is exactly what we can and will do.

In order to do this you must utilize a web photo service called Flickr. There is a simple three step process to get you set up.

1. Go to the website and create an account
2. Begin uploading photos
3. Tag your photos with multiple tags

The main tags you should use are "seaksu" and "studentsforenvironmentalaction". You should tag all SEA photos with these two. You should also tag them with whatever event they were from i.e. for photos from this year at Wakarusa, tag them "recycalusa2006", for the canoe trip in fall 2006 tag them "canoeingfall2006". By doing this, specific slideshows can be created. For instance, if you go to the Recycalusa page on the SEA website you will see the constantly updated recycalusa2006 slideshow playing in the upper right corner. Immediately after you upload photos with the "recycalusa2006" tag, they will automatically show up on the website in this slideshow.

For an example of what this all looks like on flickr and for examples of tagging, check out these two accounts already feeding photos to the slideshows: bananahandsome and studentsenvironmentalaction.

Any questions? Leave a comment!

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