Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Forest Ethics: Victoria Secrets

Victoria Secret is finally changing their ways!

WE DID IT! The DIRTY secret got out, consumers spoke up, and Victoria's Secret realized there is nothing SEXY about forest destruction.

Today, Victoria's Secret's
parent company, Limited Brands, announced it will stop using paper from Endangered Forests like critical caribou habitat in the Albertan Foothills for its catalog. After two years of campaigning, Victoria's Secret started to and will continue to work to phase out the use of any Endangered Forests products. The company has ensured that at least 10 percent post-consumer waste paper will be used in it's main catalog.

This is a big step, not only for Victoria's Secret, but for the entire catalog industry. A strong environmental standard has been set and the entire industry will be hearing from us - forest destruction will no longer be tolerated! Today's decision is proof that consumers like you really can make a difference.

Let's give thanks! Send the CEO a nice big THANK YOU! Take Action!

When we began this campaign, two years ago, Victoria's Secret was printing 395 million catalogs every year on paper that contained NO recycled content. We made it clear that we were not going to stand by and watch one of our planet's most vital resources be destroyed to sell panties.

Now they've made commitments to use better paper and we couldn't have done this without YOU! Getting a multi-billion-dollar corporation to change its practices is no small feat and that's exactly what we've accomplished. We not only celebrate this victory but we also celebrate your support during the past two years to make this possible.

And while this is an important milestone, there is still work to be done. Victoria's Secret has outlined an excellent policy, but any policy has to be successfully implemented in order to be effective.

So, you'll be hearing from us in the near future. We've got lots of work to do to get the rest of the catalog industry to understand the impact their paper has on our forests. Victoria's Secret's steps today builds momentum for change within the entire sector at large.

Again, thank you! And, please take a moment to say thanks to the CEO of Limited Brands, Victoria's Secret's parent company, for going green!
Take Action!

For the Forest,
Liz Butler
Organizing Director


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