Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Dr. Wesch Wins Rave Award!

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feature: Behind the Scenes with Heroes Creator Tim Kring and Hiro himself, Masi Oka
To find the 22 innovators, instigators, and inventors to honor with a Rave Award this year, we started by looking for the most intriguing breakthroughs in the world today — then tracked down the individuals who made them happen. Each honoree told a unique story, but they tended to have one thing in common: Before changing the game in technology, business, or culture, they first changed themselves. There's the actor who became a politician (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the politician who became an entrepreneur (Arianna Huffington), not to mention an entrepreneur turned philanthropist (Paul Allen) and a philanthropist turned open source warrior (Mark Shuttleworth). The lesson seems obvious: Reinvent yourself, reinvent the world.

The Winners
Television: The Creator
Tim Kring | Heroes
Education: The Detective
Henry Louis Gates Jr. | Ancestry-Based Curriculum
Business: The Mogul
J. K. Rowling | Harry Potter, Inc.
Science: The Cartographers
The Allen Brain Atlas
Print: The Storyteller
Brian K. Vaughan | Graphic Novelist
Games: The Fraggers
Cliff Bleszinski and Tim Sweeney | Gears of War and the Unreal Engine 3
Film: The Seer
Alfonso CuarĂ³n | Director, Children of Men
Renegade: The Catalyst
Arianna Huffington | The Huffington Post
Music: The Synthesizer
Gregg Gillis | Girl Talk
Industrial Design: The Stylist
Walter de'Silva | Audi R8
Blogs: The Town Crier
Jen Chung | Gothamist
Medicine: The Code Doctors
K. S. Bhaskar, Maury Pepper, and Joseph Dal Molin | WorldVistA
Video: The Explainer
Michael Wesch | Digital Ethnographer
Technology: The Wizard of OS
Mark Shuttleworth | Ubuntu
Politics: The American
Arnold Schwarzenegger | Governor of California


Kevin said...

Congratulations Wesch! Another remarkable achievement in this crazy series of events!

Anonymous said...
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