Thursday, May 31, 2007

Naturally Attracted: Connecting with Michael J. Cohen

Naturally Attracted... This might be a good documentary film for Movies on the Grass, though it is only 45 minutes long...

I have included some additional information about Michael J. Cohen below. It is from an article called "Maverick Genius at Work." In the 1985 Bureau of Applied Sciences International Symposium on the Promotion of Unconventional Ideas in Science, Medicine and Sociology, the so called "Maverick Genius Conference" in England identified Dr. Cohen as a maverick genius because genius has been described as "One who shoots at something no one else can see, and hits it."

It has made me curious anyway... What do you think?


jeff :) said...

here is a great m.j. cohen quote: "Nature can be seen as an energy of God and we are part of nature. Normally, nature's creative intelligence and basic powers of love produce the non-polluting perfection and healing ways of natural systems within and about us. But we live excessively nature-separated lives. Our separation removes our thinking from nature's universe of grace, balance and restorative power. This loss creates a wanting natural system void in our psyche, an emotion and information frustration that produces dysfunctions in our thinking.

We must replace this loss by connecting our psyche with nature for our thinking is our destiny."