Saturday, August 18, 2007

Irish Cobbler Potatoes and the heat woes of Summer...

The Irish Cobbler Potatoes should be ready to harvest. Champ, if you want to call me and setup a time to come over with your pitch fork, or just drop it off, that would be great.

Megan: I still have frozen homemade marinara sauce for you. Maybe some tomatoes, plenty of cayenne and jalapeno peppers.

There are plenty of peppers for everyone, so feel free to stop by and just pick some, or come collect some that are in the house.

The heat has really hit the garden,
and I'm not sure if either of the cucumber plants, one of the eggplants, and quite a lot of the tomato plants will actually make it. The heat has been intense, and even though I've been watering at night, the heat is too much. We've also had ant problems with the back melon patch. Fortunately, we should have plenty of butternut squash, and if any would like, I could post a very simple butternut squash lasagna recipe that is delicious and filling. The corn seem to be hanging on, and ~ dozen husks are visible. On a bright note, the sun flowers seem to be basking up the sun.

After the garden has stopped producing this year, I'd like to have a workday to try to flatten and better irrigate an area of the yard for next year's garden. This could possibly involve a trip to the dairy farm to apprehend some poo. Trust me, its great fun at 8 o'clock on a saturday morning.

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well as they get back into town. Stop by and say hi if you haven't in a while :-)

~Sir Knabe


Kevin said...

I´ll be by sometime soon to dig up them potatoes.