Friday, October 26, 2007

Power Shift 2007

Hi Students for Environmental Action,

I just came across your blog and website, and first off: impressive
site. Pretty spiffy!

I'm a fellow blogger and a young climate activist. I live in Oregon,
but I blog on climate change and energy issues regularly at my blog,
Watthead and at It's Getting Hot In Here (the youth climate
movement's blog). I thought you'all might be interested in a couple
of recent posts on the upcoming Power Shift 2007 national youth
climate summit, Step it Up 2, and the growing strength of the youth
climate movement. Feel free to repost these at your blog. Hopefully
I'll see some of you at Power Shift

Also attached is a short news blurb on Power Shift.

Power to the (young) people!

Jesse Jenkins
WattHead - Energy News and Commentary

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Katherine said...

Hey Hannah

Its great to know that you are traveled all the way to DC from Oregon. I think Powershift is very empowering to young, ambitious individuals who want to be heard and have something important to discuss and analyze. Environmentalism is not an easy topic to start talking about. Its easy to say you want to be more environmentally friendly and another to actually do it. is a coalition I am currently working on and hope you check out to see our efforts on better fuel and energy standards. We are trying our best to make people more aware online and sign our petition to convince Congress to update our CAFE and RES standards. If you like our message, sign up! Thank you!!