Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Eco-operate and BlueEarth blogs

Hi all,

I recently created a couple of blogs related to an "eco-operation" that I am forming called Blue Earth (www.blueearth.googlepages.com)... The Blue Earth blog is at: www.blueearthling.blogspot.com, and the Eco-operation blog is at: www.eco-operation.blogspot.com. I am just beginning to fiddle with content, etc. and am learning how to make it easy for others to join and share. The Eco-operation blog is intended for exchange and discussion of ideas related to what eco-operation might mean and might look like. It is also about envisioning a future in which humans are living in harmony with the environment and its ecology and what the steps for realizing the future will have to be. Any thoughts? My best~ jeff