Monday, October 27, 2008

Activist says Green Needs To Touch Blue Collar

Here is an interview with Van Jones, founder of Green for All, a group advocating training for emerging green jobs. He talks about the necessity of making emerging green technologies available for middle and lower income brackets as well as lifting people out of poverty by giving them training to hold new "green collar" jobs. The article does a good job of emphasizing the need for holistic solutions to environmental problems.

Some people defend against the idea of the "eco-elite," saying that individuals paying for high priced green products are helping the development of green technology along by making it profitable for companies to be innovative. With continued support from these individuals, businesses will become more efficient at producing green technologies, making it more affordable for lower income groups. Van Jones suggests that this may not be the case, that green technology may always be relatively unaffordable for those with lower incomes. Do you agree? Is there anything that could be done to expedite the process of making this technology more affordable?


amagoo said...

I was glad that Van Jones pointed out that the way our economy is currently set up, we are subsidizing polluters (i.e. most large oil and chemical companies) instead of penalizing them. Putting a fee on pollution would be a great way to encourage environmentally friendly energy production. Finding ways to apply ideas such a carbon trading and other CO2 policy ideas to industry at large (and agriculture)would be huge step in encouraging businesses to produce more affordable green tech. more quickly.