Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food & Health Committe Project Ideas

-Local foods frenzy- Event inviting Peoples Grocery, the Student Farm, fair trade advocates. We could also share information from/about Food Inc, invite different agriculture groups, talk about making healthy decisions. Contact the organizer of movies on the grass could be a good idea.

Veg pledge- We could collaborate with the Student Farm about this, maybe work on discount vegetables during that week. We could also do an organic food awareness campaign (both positive and negative aspects). A veggie potluck could also be cool.

Healthy, Exercise Day- possibly at Konza? Biking? top of the world/scenic overlook, walk the whole campus with faculty from campus, "more in depth hike"

Kitchen Composting (Help Kramer & The HOES)- provide information to educate people on composting, contact housing and dining about starting a composting program

Other events/projects- GO TO HUNGER BANQUET from fair trade!!!


amagoo said...

Maybe we could do the Local Foods Frenzy in conjunction with a showing of Food Inc. on campus! Also, we'll be tabling at several events in the upcoming months (the Free Market, Fair Trade Market Place, etc), maybe we could put together some educational info about healthy/environmentally friendly food choices.

Anonymous said...

For VegPledge maybe we could get the dining halls to serve a whole vegetarian meal day. Or have a competition between the dorms.