Thursday, March 15, 2007

Movies on the Grass Fall 2007

Narrator: Weren't the streetcars making money?
Barney Larrick: Not after I got done chopping heads off, they weren't making money. Reduce service, make it less attractive to the customer, sell off property and holdings, take the money out, raise fares, suck the company dry, pull the company down. That's what we did.
-"Taken for a Ride (1996).
This documentary sounds very similar to "Who Killed the Electric Car", except its "who killed the American rail transit services" which used to be a growing, prosperous endeavor, then immediately taken away, forcing people to shift their ways of life. In the documentary there are people interviewed who were forced to make the change and talk about what there life was like during that time. I think it sounds great, has anyone seen it or heard of it? Anyways I was thinking it could be a great movie for Movies on the Grass this year. If enough people show interest in it and think it would be a good one please comment! Bonnie Lynn-Sherow said she is going to buy it at some point but if we were definitely going to use it she would MAKE SURE she buys it sooner than later. It is 52 minutes, black and white and was rated a 9.2/10 on IMDb by users....

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