Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Something for certain...

Something for Certain~ j. neel

The drums played on
With the primordial bass
Echoing in the background.
The beat was different for some—
the seers, the lovers, the dreamers
And elaborate dances evolved
Emanating from the percussion,
Reverberating into spiraling arms
of resonant beauty.
And there was truth and light
Amongst the music and the masses.
The momentum spread in waves
Growing and touching others—
infinitely expanding,
Until they collapsed on themselves.
And the void was filled without form
But only a brilliant, blinding illumination.

And we knew something for certain….

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jeff :) said...

in the spirit of community and being myself, i thought i'd share a poem that i wrote with you. i hope you find something in it that you like :)...

Kevin said...

I like it very much! You write well.

Hannah said...

Beautiful. Have you seen any pictures of supernovas? That is what I thought of when I read that last line. Every line illustrated in my mind's eye a nice picture.

jeff :) said...

thanks for the kinds words and nice images... i like supernovas :)...

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