Friday, September 14, 2007

Report from the World Watch Institute

This is a sobering report from the World Watch Institute. See the whole story at:

Window to Prevent Catastrophic Climate Change Closing; EU Should Press for Immediate U.S. Action

By Worldwatch Institute
Created Sep 13 2007 - 1:00pm

The warming climate is undermining biodiversity by accelerating habitat loss, according to Vital Signs 2007–2008.

Washington, D.C.— Consumption of energy and many other critical resources is consistently breaking records, disrupting the climate and undermining life on the planet, according to the latest Worldwatch Institute report, Vital Signs 2007-2008.

To see the rest of the report:

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Hannah said...

It is amazing that nations are already looking at ways to benefit from the effects of global warming.

Rachel said...

Eighty percent is exciting, and I understand that 2050 is probably the only semi-realistic deadline, but I still want it to be 2010.