Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Sick and tired of inefficient uses of the internet, this is an attempt to create dialogue for us in the form of a collective blog. Listservs are horrible! They are a good medium for informing the masses about events, but they are ultimately tied to email, which is not a media for social networking and social creation.

Have you ever read something and you wanted to share it and talk about it with the people in SEA? If you were so moved by it, you would send it over the listserv. But, at the same time you are thinking in the back of your head that you do not want to inundate people´s mailboxes, and even worse, you do not want to give them the idea that they can do it to you! Email is perhaps a dying media. How much time each day do you spend dealing with email? How much time do you think professors spend writing email communications?

This blog was born out of the idea of a need for social communication and social creation in SEA. It will potentially replace the need for the "environews" section of the website, and it will eliminate the need to send current issues communicae over listservs. It will provide a new media for the sharing of articles and current events, and just as importantly, it will provide a forum to discuss these articles and events.

This is web 2.0. This is making the internet efficient. Now we create the content. Now we are all webmasters. Now the internet comes to us.

All it takes is participation...


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