Tuesday, October 10, 2006


This collective blog will be just that, collective. This means that we all collaborate. Who exactly can collaborate? Anyone in SEA who wants to.

Anyone who wants to join the collective blog must contact the admin to get an invite. The admin is Kevin Champion who can be contacted at kjc6688@ksu.edu. Give him your email and he will send a message with instructions on how to sign up. Becoming a member of the blog allows you to post new posts and edit old ones. Anyone who is a blogger member can comment on previous posts.

The idea for the blog is that now when you run across an article (from the environews section on the website, the collective blog news, or your own web exploration), current event, nifty website, or just think of an idea, you can create a blog post on the collective blog. This can have a link to the news item you read, or it can have the actual text in the blog. In this forum, commenting can ensue so that we can have discussion about the posts. If you watch a video youtube, you can embed it in your blog post for everyone to see right here. If you see some interesting photos, you can put them in your post etc.

What else is possible?

We can have someone in charge (perhaps a new position, perhaps webmaster) of surveying the weekly news and creating an article of the week for discussion. Discussion created on the collective blog can then fuel discussion in person at meetings. This will be a wonderful way to educate ourselves and to get to know one another (that is what it is all about, afterall).

The blog can replace the environews page on the website. However, it does not have to. We can have the blog and the blog comments fed to the environews page on the website (and wherever else). This is the idea about the web coming to us now. What is also possible is that the blog is fed to anyone who is interested in it or participates in it. For example, imagine you open your homepage and up pops a feed with all activity that has happened on the blog since you were last online. Along with this feed, you can have feeds from anything you are interested in. Also possible is having the SEA photos fed to your homepage, along with your bookmarks, your personal links, your favorite internet radio, chatrooms... all coming to you at your homepage. This is the future, well, this is the now!

Much more is possible, and it is only limited by our imaginations. This will be an amazing tool and amazing way of educating ourselves.

If you have questions, post a comment to this post! It is that easy.

All it takes is participation...


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