Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Walk Through

This is the collective blog. It is housed within a service called Blogger Beta.

Above is the title, "Students for Environmental Action, A Collective Blog...".

Here is where the content goes. This is where all the blog entries and comments can be found. Each blog entry can contain text, links, some html, pictures, imbedded movies etc. At the bottom of each entry it shows who made the entry, what labels (tags) this person gave the entry, a place to leave comments about the entry, and a place to subscribe to the RSS of the blog.

Directly below is a slideshow that is constantly accessing and updating SEA photos from the "seaksu" tag on Flickr (more on this in another post).

To the right is a number of things. At the top is the blog archive. This is the table of contents, so to speak, of our collective blog. Each time something is posted, it will show up in the archive. We have several RSS feeds from several different environmental news sources. These are updated constantly. Each news source creates new stories daily. Also amongst the news sources are Diigo social bookmark feeds. These are set to the tag "environment" and "sustainability" (more on Diigo here). At the bottom is "about us" section that shows who has access to post on the collective blog and their profiles.

As this blog grows, we will develop many new features and cosmetic niceties.

All it takes is participation...


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