Wednesday, February 21, 2007

consuming to fill imaginary voids...

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February 20, 2007
Consuming To Heal
Filling Imaginary Voids

In our culture today, we are constantly encouraged to consume. This includes food as well as purchasing ever newer items that we may not need, often using money that we may not actually have. It could be that we are trying to fill a void we feel within ourselves, but if we take the time to examine it, we know deep inside that this is not the solution. We may notice how quickly the joy fades after our purchase or once the food we've enjoyed is gone, and how soon we feel the urge to do so again. This is a symptom of disconnection from our true selves, so the first step toward balance is connection to our center.

When we connect to our center, we access the fullness of who we are as an individual spirit. We also connect to the energy source of the universe, from which nothing can be lacking. It could be that we have been energetically starving ourselves but trying to feed the need physically, outwardly. Once we make the decision to reconnect, we have the ability to examine the behavior from a higher place within ourselves. We can look, without judgment, at the thoughts and feelings that occur before and after our indulgences to find a pattern. We may want to keep track of these observations in a journal so that we can go back if we lose our way.

Often boredom is the main cause for the desire to eat or shop. But when we connect to our center, our intuition can more clearly guide us to the places where our energy can best be used. We can replace the boredom with a meditation practice, a class, a project, seeking a new job, or getting involved in a charity. We may even want to begin planning an adventurous trip. Whatever inspires us tells us the direction we should go. When we find the place we are meant to be, we become so consumed by its constant creation that the frivolous filling of an imaginary void becomes a thing of the past. .


Hannah said...

this topic is especially important and more study is needed on what drives consumption. there is so much data and plenty of info on population change/rate etc but nothing on consumption, except for the fact that consumption is increasing at a faster rate than population (twice as fast)! Not an easy accomplishment.

Jef-free :) (Jeff N.) said...

what i heard is something like five planets are needed to support the consumer lifestyle that America and the West are exporting to the world (don't quote me on the figure though :)......and that's assuming our consumption stays the same and doesn't grow. and like you said, a growing population changes the eco-footprint daily and of course global consumption. great research idea!!

i thought it would be interesting too to model how switching to a vegetarian diet across the globe would affect food supplies and nutrition, especially in impoverished nations with limited resources. of course, this (a switch) would have a dramatic effect on the environment in which enough grain is produced to feed the world several times over (or so i've heard it quoted), but vast amounts are lost to the inefficiency in meat production. of course, there are the environmental costs of overproduction on marginal lands as well.

lots of good work to do, huh :)?

jeff :) said...

hey...the thought just occurred to me... and maybe it's been done... and it is kind of related to ecofootprints... but it would really be cool to model different aspects of how lifestyle choices impact natural resources and the environment... that would be really complex, but some generalizations could be made using technology like GIS, etc...

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