Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Invisible Children Benefit Show

Live music at Radinas to raise money for Invisible Children.

Please drop what you are doing and COME to this.
THIS is not about the music.
THIS is about lives being saved.
The KIDS in Northern Uganda aren't like you and I.
THEY fear abduction, torture and death.
To escape, they run from home and sleep in cities, unprotected, missing their families, missing an education.

THIS is not fake and it's going to be happening while we sit in a coffeeshop and listen to music. While WE drink coffee and chat, THEY walk. While WE sleep in beds and dream, THEY lay on top of each other, crowded and uncomfortable and unsafe.


But! This Music Night - we're starting at 6 pm for a reason. We have 4 amazing musicians who are willing to play for free to help this cause.
They've donated their PAY to help the children.
The baristas of the night, Heather and Christina, have donated their TIPS to help the children.
Wade Radina himself has agreed to donate 10% of the SALES to help the children.

What can YOU give? Just buying one thing will help. Tipping will help even more. Want to donate outright? 100% of that will go directly to the cause.

Have NO idea what this is or why you should care? FIND OUT.
Screenings put on by a team from the national office of the Invisible Children organization will be shown Tues. Feb 27 and Wed. Feb. 28 in at 7 pm in Forum Hall in the Union.
That's the night before and the night of the Benefit Show.
I URGE YOU - don't come to the music if you haven't seen the documentary. It's an hour long and very much worth your time. Then come to Radina's afterwards and support the children you just saw.

6 pm - tyler gregory
7 pm - margo may
8 pm - aid
9 pm - shhh

GO HERE to get more INVOLVED:

OR HERE for a great, quick way:

As shown on the Facebook Event.


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