Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Opportunity to Start Something on Campus-kind of like this coblog..


Applications are now being accepted for 10 teams of young people from
across the U.S. to begin "Conscious Lifestyle" chapters at their high
school or university. Winners will receive start-up funding, technical
support, a chapter web page, and more. Through education, awareness,
and action, Conscious Lifestyle connects consumers and companies
worldwide to advocate for greater social and environmental standards.
To learn more, visit

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Jef-free :) (Jeff N.) said...

wow, that sounds like a wonderful idea :)! that combined with green buildings and green initiatives could really spark transformation. i like. thanks for posting this!!!!!!!!

Hannah said...

no problem jef-free. i figured people who actively participate in this coblog would find it interesting :) you and kevin should partner up and make it the biggest thing since kstateproud-hannah

jeff :) said...

hmm... this structure has possibilities :)...

Hannah said...


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